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Middle Age & Aged 2nd Quiz
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 (Middle-age & Aged)


  1. Which of the following tests are used to determine lung capacity for a pt with respiratory problems?
    1. Bronchoscopy
    2. PFT
    3. Chest x-ray
    4. ABG


  1. Which diagnostic test is used to determine lung cancer?
    1. Chest x-ray
    2. MRI
    3. CT Scan
    4. Bronchoscopy


  1. Which of the following describe common signs of a pt who may be suffering from carbon dioxide retension?
    1. elevated temp, BP & respirations
    2. decreased BP, respirations, and elevated pulse
    3. confusion, mental status change, drowsiness
    4. inability to speak, shifty eyes, and increased respirations


  1. For pts using oxygen therapy, which is the best choice for applying to dry lips?
    1. chapstick
    2. Vaseline
    3. Petroleum jelly
    4. KY jelly


  1. Which of the following are ADVANTAGES of using O2 therapy via mask?
    1. dries out mucous membranes, thus decreasing mucous blockage of the nasal passages
    2. delivers lower concentration of 02 making it less likely to suffer from CO2 retention
    3. provides humidity and moisture to lubricate mucous membranes
    4. provides a higher concentration of 02 which assists greatly with oxygen exchange


  1. All of the following are normal Neuromuscular system changes which occur with age except:
    1. Increased REM sleep
    2. Brain shrinkage
    3. Paresthesia
    4. Deterioration of senses like hearing & sight
    5. Thin skin
    6. Muscles shrink
    7. Blood circulates more slowly
    8. Lost flexibility of movement due to decalcification & degeneration of bones


  1. Rheumatoid arthritis begins in the myelin sheaths of the joints.  TRUE OR FALSE


8.  Put the following in order to determine the patho of RA:

      a.  Atrophy & contractures of joints

      b.  tendon sheaths become enflamed

      c.  Inflamation begins at the synovial membrane

      d.  Joints become stiff, swollen, red & painful

      e.  Exudate accumulates and spills into the joint capsule, causing the joint to swell


  1.  The most important thing you should do first before beginning morning care for a pt who has been admitted for RA exacerbation is
    1. ask if they would like to use the bathroom
    2. assess ROM
    3. obtain blood glucose reading before breakfast arrives
    4. check their IV for placement and pain


  1. It is theoried that the etiology of RA is any of the following except
    1. Virus
    2. Genetics
    3. Chemical exposures
    4. Bacteria
    5. Autoimmune response


  1. Taking steroids like Cortisone and Prednisone for RA treatment most often cause what kind of long-term effects?
    1. GU system
    2. Musculoskeletal
    3. CNS
    4. GI system


  1. An example of an anti-inflammatory drug often used for tx of RA is
    1. baclofen
    2. celebrex
    3. prilosec
    4. Mylanta


  1. A disorder of the basal ganglion and grey matter in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain is known as
    1. Parkinson’s
    2. Dementia
    3. Alzheimer’s
    4. Pick’s disease


  1. The disease in #13 is characterized by which set of 5 s/s:
    1. shuffling gait, tremors, tachypnea, rigidity, muscle weakness
    2. tremors, dysuria, gait disturbances, rigidity, muscle weakness
    3. bradykinins, tachypnea, muscle weakness, shuffling gait, tremors
    4. tremors, rigidity, bradykinesia, shuffling gait, muscle weakness


  1. Medications which improve cognitive function of Alzheimer’s pts include all of the which of the following?
    1. Sinnemet
    2. Cognex
    3. Reminyl
    4. Exelon
    5. Aricept


  1. The importance of the medications mentioned in #15 is that they all work on increasing the amount of ___________________ in the CNS.


17.  This is the newest Alzheimer’s drug which acts on the CNS to prevent the binding of glutamate in order to keep pts calm.

a.  Methotrexate

b.  Namenda

c.  Immitrex

d.  Lexapro


18. Stimulation of DOPAMINE production is the goal of the medications taken for what neuromuscular disorder? 

a.  Dementia

b.  Parkinson’s

c.  Pick’s

d.  Alzheimer’s

e.  Old Timer’s

f.  Sometimer’s


19.    Examples of the type of drug described in #18 are all of these except

a.       Permax

b.      Mirapex

c.       Apokyn

d.      Comtan

e.       Requip


20.    What is the main concern at hand when caring for a pt with Parkinson’s?

a.       promote safety & fall prevention

b.      make sure meds are taking at the same time every day

c.       assure they have a 24 hour caregiver upon diagnosis

d.      begin a mechanical soft diet immediately upon diagnosis


21.    Prolonged constipation in Aged pts could cause all of the following except:

a.       UTI

b.      Headache

c.       Fecal Impaction leading to digital removal

d.      Decreased appetite

e.       Hyperactive bowel sounds


22.    Patients who take narcotic medications around the clock should also be offered which of the following medications

a.       Anti-anxiety

b.      Stool softeners

c.       Proton pump inhibitors

d.      Anti-diarrheals

e.       Suppositories


23.    Hospitalized pts benefit from Proton pump inhibitors since they’re not active and so that gastric juices don’t sit in their stomach and erode the stomach lining which could lead to reflux or GI bleed.  Thus, they would take any of the following meds except:

a.       Protonix

b.      Reglan

c.       Proscar

d.      Pepcid


24.    Nursing care which would be appropriate for a pt with diarrhea would include all of the following except

a.       Imodium med

b.      Provide adequate nutrition & hydration

c.       Assess skin turgor

d.      Assess BP & VS q4h

e.       Record I&O

f.        Take daily weights

g.       Administer Lomotil

h.       Give sugared OJ

i.         Assist pt to bathroom and allow them to void and flush independently

j.        Administer stool softeners to allow for ease of stool passage


25.    Diabetes Mellitus is the #1 cause of which life-threatening condition?

a.       stroke

b.      MI

c.       Kidney failure

d.      Gangrene & amputation


26.    Of the oral hypoglycemic agents, which of the following would you choose to stimulate the pancreas to release more insulin?

a.       Glycet

b.      Glucotrol

c.       Avandia

d.      Actos


27.  What is the Onset/Peak/Duration of Insulin Aspart?    ______    ______    ______


28.   Besides pts with DM, pts receiving which of the following also may receive insulin coverage

a.       radiation therapy

b.      respiratory therapy

c.       chemotherapy

d.      IV antibiotics


29.  Name the drug which treats BPH by decreasing contractions in smooth muscle of prostate capsules to decrease the symptoms of BPH

a.       Proscar

b.      Pevacid

c.       Flomax

d.      Uroxatral


30.  All of the following are done to reduce pain for post-op TURP pts?

a.       Sitz bath

b.      Administer Demerol

c.       Perform rectal stimulation

d.      Administer Belladonna & opium suppositories per Dr.’s order


Middle Age & Aged 2nd Quiz Answers

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