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Nursing School

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I'm pretty sure I'll be returning to's a matter of finances. But that's a long sad, boring story :-) If anyone wants me to update the site, I will still do so. FEEL FREE to email me your comments, study guides, whatever. If you send me a file I prefer plain text, no special file converting abilities are limited, and if you look at some of the documents here you'll see what I'm talking about...spacing and tabs get to be an issue.

Anyway, I am pleased beyond belief to know that this site is still accessed and I will gladly update it but I don't have the info since I'm not in school. SEND ME YOUR STUFF and I'll gladly post it as quickly as possible. Thanks!

I'm not used to hard work and I don't like hard work so I'm trying to build a website full of outlines, study guides, practice quizzes...whatever... that I & other students have created... to make all of our lives easier.

This is under construction and who knows if I'll ever finish!


Some of the outlines & practice quizzes posted here were made in different programs and when trying to post them online the spacing became ridiculously screwed up, but the information is intact. I would suggest you copy and paste the information you want into a seperate document and mess with the spacing yourself. I just do not have the time or energy to do it. Sorry.

When I'm not in nursing school I make my poor best friend travel the world with me.


Feel free to email me at with questions/comments

NOTHING on this website is to take the place of a physician's advice. Everything in this site is meant to be only a helpful tool for me and my nursing student friends.

Feel compelled to help me get through college while working only part-time and driving a million miles a day? Well, I won't twist your arm, but all you have to do is push the button. Either way, the information is free.