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Taken from our textbook...

The Facts on Aging


1. The majority of old people (65+) are senile (have defetive memory, are disoriented, or are psychologically challenged).


2. The five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) all tend to weaken in old age.


3. The majority of old people have no interest in or capacity for sexual relations.


4. Lung vital capacity tends to decline in old age.


5. The majority of old people feel miserable most of the time.


6. Physical strength tends to decline in old age.


7. At least 1/10th of older adults are living in long-stay institutions (such as nursing homes, mental hospitals, homes for the aged, etc...)


8. Aged drivers have fewer accident per driver than those under 65.


9. Older workers usually cannot work as effectively as younger workers.


10. Over 3/4ths of older adults are healthy enough to carry out their normal activities w/o help.


11. The majority of older people are unable to adapt to change.


12. Older people usually take longer to learn something new.


13. Depression is more frequent among older adults than among younger people.


14. Older people tend to react slower than young people.


15. In general, old people tend to be pretty much alike.


16. The majority of old people say that they are seldom bored.


17. The majority of old people are socially isolated.


18. Older workers have fewer accidents than younger workers do.


19. Over 20% of the population are now age 65 or over.


20. The majority of medical practitioners tend to give low priority to the aged.


21. The majority of old people have incomes below the poverty line (as defined by the federal government).


22. The majority of old people are working or would like to have some kind of work to do (including housework & volunteer work).


23. Old people tend to become more religious as they age.


24. The majority of old people say they are seldom irritated or angry.


25. The health & economic status of old people will be about the same or worse in the year 2010 (compared to young people).

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