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Nutrition Quiz
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Unit D

Nutrition Quiz


  1. What is an “essential” nutrient?  There are 6, name them.


  1. How many calories are in one gram of Carbohydrate?  Protein?  Lipids?  Alcohol?


  1. According to the Food Pyramid, how many servings do they suggest you eat per day of each of the following:








  1. Name 5 diseases which can be controlled by diet.


  1. A Dietary Reference Intake named _______  note the nutrients necessary for most healthy people.


  1. There are MANY types of diets…name one that is used for diabetics that is not calorie controlled, but is carbohydrate controlled instead.


  1. This is a DRI which determines the highest level of intake of certain nutrients that should not be exceeded to prevent adverse health risks.


  1. Name the ABCD’s of diet planning principles.


  1. This is a food assistance program that provides nutritional education in how to buy the right foods and learn to cook. 


  1.   This food assistance program aims to extend the food dollar.  It does not allow prepared foods, dog food, cigarettes or alcohol.  


  1.   The main goal of Healthy People 2010 is:


  1.   True or False  The Approved health claims on box labels are stated in terms of one meal’s intake.  You must remember that you would need 3x that amount for your total daily intake to be met.


  1.   The RDI (Reference Daily Intakes) are references set by ______ for protein, vitamins, and minerals.


  1.   When taking a nutritional assessment of a patient, you would look at what?


  1.   Name the type of deficiency which is caused by the foods not being eaten to receive the proper amount of nutrition.


  1.   Name the type of deficiency caused by a disease process occurring in the body, making it unable to utilize the foods correctly.


  1.   Name 5 lab tests which are indications of nutritional status.


  1.   Name the normal level for cholesterol desired.


  1.   Name the normal level for triglycerides desired.


  1.   True or False  Supplements can be taken in place of foods if a person doesn’t like the taste and will provide the same level of vitamins and minerals if not more.


  1.   True or False  Vitamin K interferes with oral anticoagulant use.


  1.   Calcium is best absorbed in an ACIDIC or BASIC medium? (circle one)


  1.   What mineral is best absorbed in an acidic medium thus is often indicated to be taken with Vitamin C?


  1.   Amphetamines are given for hyperactive children.  These drugs INCREASE or DECREASE the appetite.  (circle one)


  1.   Diuretic therapy, such as the drug Lasix, decreases which important mineral in the body?  Without supplement of this mineral, what is the possible health concern?


  1.   Antidepressants increase the appetite.  True or False.


  1.   Name the 5 major causes of foodborne illness.


  1.   Who are the populations most at risk for suffering from foodborne illnesses?


  1.   What types of diets might a cardiac patient be on?


  1.   What types of diets might a diabetic patient be on?


  1.   A high calorie, high calcium diet is reserved for these people.


  1.   True or False.  Health claims may be put onto a label as long as they have been laboratory tested by the company.



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