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Barium Enema
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Diagnostic test:  “BARIUM ENEMA”


X-ray of the large colon


-Takes 60 minutes, outpatient testing, given for changes in bowel including constipation, diarrhea & abdominal pain


Pre-Op Preparation: clear liquid diet the day prior to the test, 8 oz water q2h day prior, 1 bottle mag. Citrate day prior, 5 Dulcolax tabs taken evening before, NPO after midnight, Dulcolax suppository morning of the test


During Procedure:

  1. baseline x-rays are taken
  2. Barium is instilled into rectum
  3. Patient lies in different positions while more x-rays are taken
  4. Patient goes to bathroom to expel solution
  5. More x-rays are taken


Post-Op: give MOM 60ml to prevent constipation, obstruction or impaction



Upper GI series/Barium Swallow


-Given for complaints of: nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, change in stool, difficulty swallowing, indigestion.


Pre-Op Prep:

-Explain procedure

-NPO after midnight


During Procedure:

-drink barium solution

-x-rays taken as barium moves through GI tract



-give 60 ml MOM

-increase fluid intake

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