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Esophagogastroduodenoscopy Procedure
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EGD Procedure



(Exam of esophagus, stomach & duodenum portion of small intestine)


-Given to determine cause of GI bleed, difficulty swallowing (dysphasia), epogastric pain, unexplained weight loss

-Takes 20-30 min.



-Explain procedure, get written, informed consent

-NPO after midnight



-Baseline VS taken upon arrival

-Done under conscious sedation

-Spray throat with Lidocaine to numb & depress gag reflex

-On oxygen

-Scope is passed from esophagus to duodenum

-Scope is capable of taking pictures, pumping air, and taking biopsies



-VS taken per protocol

-Check gag reflex before feeding or giving fluid





-drop in BP

-IV phlebitis

-over-sedation (give Narcan to reverse the effects of over-sedation)

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