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Women's Health Quiz
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Women’s Health Quiz




 1.  _____________ Breast D/O is the thickening of normal breast tissue and formation of _________.

2. Probable cause of fibrocystic breast D/O?

3. Pt w/ FCB D/O will not have any pain or swelling occurring with the lump.  T or F

  1. Name 3 Dx studies used for Fibrocystic Breast D/O.
  2. What is the Tx of this disorder?
  3. Name an inflammatory condition that happens most frequently in lactating women.
  4. All these are S/Sx of this condition except:
    1. fever; chills
    2. sore portion of one breast
    3. hot, red, swollen
    4. open oozing sores on breast
  5. All of these are Tx used for mastitis except:
    1. bed rest
    2. decrease fluid intake
    3. ice or warmth for comfort
    4. antibiotics, analgesics
    5. supportive bra
    6. continue to breast feed or pump


  1. ______________ is characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus
  2. Name some complications that occur due to this extra tissue
  3. All of these are S/Sx of endometriosis except:
    1. dysmenorrhea
    2. immaculate conception
    3. dyspareunia
    4. backache, lower abdominal pain


  1. What is the cause of endometriosis?
  2. The most serious complication of endometriosis is:
    1. pain
    2. fatigue
    3. infertility
    4. bloating


  1. Dx is confirmed by one or both methods:
  2. Treatment is a combination of ________ and ________ therapies.
  3. Medications used will imitate a state of _______ or _________.  _________ ________or ________may be used for this
  4. _______ _______ is usually a soft mass surrounded by a thin capsule and occur mainly during reproductive years.  They are often asymptomatic.
  5. Cause _______ Sx such as :  abdominal fullness, _________, urinary frequency, __________, may also cause irregular menses
  6. Ovarian cysts are Dx by these tests:
  7. Tx for ovarian cyst are usually:
  8. PMS Sx are associated w/ _______ phase.
  9. Most important to tell your pt. to keep a _______ and record _________.
  10. Name some of the nutritional Tx of PMS:
  11. What meds are used to Tx PMS?
  12. Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused by:

a. multisystem, bacterial infection

b. leaving tampons in too long

c. not washing your cooch

  1. Risk factors of TSS?
  2. S/Sx of TSS:
  3. All of these are interventions for TSS except for:
    1. IV fluids
    2. Antibiotics
    3. O2 therapy
    4. Hysterectomy
    5. Dialysis
    6. Supportive care


  1. Name some issues important to pt. teaching as pertains to TSS:
  2. Yeast infections caused by _________
  3. associated w/  _______________, pregnancy, ____________, diabetes, and presence of _ _ _
  4. T or F these are all S/Sx of vaginal candidiasis:  thick, white, curd-like vaginal discharge, itching, dysuria, dysparenuia
  5. Treatment of candidiasis:
  6. With almost all STD’s it is important to remember?
  7.  _____ is the most common cause of bacterial vaginosis.
  8. Typical signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.
  9. What is the name of the test used to Dx bacterial vaginosis?
  10. ________ is the oral antibiotic most often given for bacterial vaginosis, but it may also be a vaginal gel
  11. What is important to remember with this antibiotic?
  12. all these are symptoms of Trichomoniasis except:
    1. yellow-green frothy odorous discharge
    2. open sores on genitalia
    3. burning
    4. dysparenia


  1. what is the treatment for trichomoniasis
  2. Name some conditions associated with Chlamydia

  3. all of these are signs and symptoms of Chlamydia except:
    1. thin  or purulent discharge
    2. burning and frequency of urination
    3. constant vaginal bleeding
  4. Common treatments used for Chlamydia:
  5. Name some signs and symptoms of Genital Herpes:
  6. ____________ and  _________________ are the two main medications used to Tx Herpes
  7. ________ is divided into early and late stages, is transmitted through blood vessels and is caused by Treponema pallidum
  8. Primary Sx are, ______ ______, fever, loss of wt and malaise
  9. Secondary signs can appear between _______ and ________ they may include?
  10. Syphilis can remain contagious for about __ _____.
  11. Late syphilis can affect the heart, _______, eyes, ears, _____ and any______
  12. Tests used to Dx syphilis:
  13. Tx for Syphilis:
  14. Gonorrhea places females at risk for:
  15. Signs and symptoms include all of the following except:
    1. purulent, greenish-yellow vaginal discharge
    2. dysuria,
    3. urinary frequency
    4. generalized body rash
    5. foul smelling discharge
  16. T or F both partners need to be treated?
  17. What is the common Tx for Gonorrhea?
  18. Condyloma acuminate are commonly known as ________ _______ and are caused by the _______ _______ virus
  19. What do these look like?
  20. What are some Tx?
  21. Name some risk factors for PID.
  22. which of these are S/Sx of PID:
    1. sharp, cramping pain bilaterally
    2. fever, chills
    3. purulent vaginal discharge
    4. irregular bleeding
    5. all of the above
  23. The Dx of PID is confirmed by __________.
  24. Pt teaching about Toxoplasmosis includes:
    1. avoid poorly cooked or raw meat
    2. wash fruits and vegetables
    3. avoid contact with litter boxes
    4. all of the above
  25. Common cause of neonatal sepsis and meningitis is _________
  26. Is Rubella vaccination safe to give during pregnancy?  If not how long should you wait to become pregnant?
  27. What is the definition of ectopic pregnancy?
  28. What are some of the Dx studies used?
  29. What is the drug given to destroy rapidly dividing fetal cells?
  30. What is the major complication of ectopic pregnancy?
  31. What is the definition of spontaneous abortion?
  32. What happens with an incomplete abortion and what procedure is needed?
  33. What are the characteristics of a Hydatidiform  Mole?
  34. What is the worst possible complication?
  35. What is the most important pt teaching after a hydatidiform mole?
  36. It is important to recognize that domestic violence is a?
  37. What are the two most important things when dealing with a rape survivor?

Answers to Women's Health Quiz

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