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Nursing School

Colonoscopy Procedure
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Exploration of entire colon including Ileum.


-Done to look for polyps, cancer, screening test preventatives, over 50 yrs of age, used for other GI problems to find causes.

-Takes 20-30 min.



-Explain procedure, get written, informed consent

-Clear liquids day prior

-8oz water q2h

-Colyte Prep usually given inpatient

-3 Fleets pills, Fleets Phophosoda if outpatient



-Usually done locally, under conscious sedation

-IV with Demerol for analgesia & Valium or Versed for relaxation

-O2 via nasal cannula

-VS monitored

-Patient is on their left side

-Scope is inserted from rectum to ileum

            -pictures taken, air introduced, biopsies performed



-Monitor VS q15 min. (or per protocol) till stable

-Check for bleeding & complaints of abdominal pain which may be related to bowel perforation (if occurs would need to go to surgery)

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